May Newsletter

Read our May Newsletter!


May Newsletter

 We are here to ensure our partners, friends and community are up to date with everything taking place around the Rotary Family Health Days in Southern Africa! As you continue to contribute, read and share we thank you for being a part of the Prevention Revolution!

Board Update

May has been a busy month of activating the 2018 Campaign across the country!

To ensure 2018 is our best year yet, we are building upon the success, feedback and recommendations published this month in the Final Impact Study from the 2017 Campaign.

Each year at site level our team collects a random sampling of consent forms to conduct a 90 day Impact Study after the conclusion of the main campaign. Results are aggregated and the published feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The intent of the 3-month Impact Study is to assess the sustainability of the RFHDs. This included understanding  behavioural or lifestyle changes, improvements to health conditions, as well as the clients’ following up on referrals. We also wanted to measure the client’s satisfaction with the services, and listen to their recommendations for future RFHDs.

In our Rotary Site Coordinator Survey we had 94% of share they would participate again and recommend another Rotary Club to assist with a future Health Days in their District.

More than 60%  of the sites further rated their experience with the Department of Health at least a 7 on a 1-10 scale.

The full Impact Study is published here: 2017 Impact Study

2018 Campaign News

In May we received the Letter of Intent from the Department of Health  to proceed with all 9 provinces planning for the 2018 Campaign. This imperative step allows us to proceed with partner development and services pairing with the site identification. In the image to the left you can see the HIV burden overlaid with the 2017 Campaign Sites, and as we work with partners we strive to reach the greatest areas of need! To learn more about the locations as they’re identified in 2018 be sure to Subscribe

Volunteer Spotlight- Geoff von Klemperer

The Western Cape has been fortunate enough to have consistent volunteers since the inception of the South African Health Days. Geoff Von Klemperer of the Constantia Rotary Club shares how his passion for the Health Days has grown from volunteerism to providing better and expanded services in each subsequent year. Learn more about how he serves in our Volunteer Spotlight on the blog!

Website Resources

Did you know the Rotary Family Health Days are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STIs 2017-2022 and the National Development Plan: Vision 2030? Learn more about each of these objectives:

Getting Social

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