Board Spotlight Nan McCreadie

NAN McCREADIE was awarded a Management Apprenticeship with British Overseas Airways Corporation in September 1969.  After general management training, she spent seven years with the Information Management Services department of the airline, dealing with the development and application of electronic data processing.

In 1977 she transferred to the expanding British Airways Security Branch where she was responsible for introducing EDP systems into the Branch and for managing the Support and Development section of the Branch.  During this time she was involved with the design and implementation of systems for the collation of security data, a computerised Fraud Prevention programme, Security Training programmes and the administration of a large in house guard force.  She travelled extensively throughout the airline network and she represented British Airways Security Branch at the International Air Transport Association, Airline Senior Management Conferences, consultancy projects and International Aviation Expositions.

In 1985 she became Manager Co‑ordination and Administration in a leading U.K. security company

In 1986 she became a founding Partner in Asgard Security Management Services.

Nan has undergone U.K. Department for Transport training at Category 1 (now Level 3) and Category 5 (now RFX) and, as such, is qualified to deliver other mandatory training.  She is also an approved Department for Transport Instructor in Cargo and Catering Security.  She is a regular University lecturer, a Member of the International Institute of Security and a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport, attained through examination.

In the training field, she is a regular Tutor for courses in Aviation Security Management, Aviation Security Duties and the Protection of Airline Revenue.  She has participated in training projects involving aviation personnel and government personnel at all levels, including individuals from the Far East, Middle East and African regions.

Her consultancy activities have included projects in the Far East, security features in airport design, and part time management of the security of a major new maintenance base at LHR for a UK airline.

Nan was invited to join her local Rotary Club in 1997. She quickly became involved in all the club’s activities.  After being President in 2000/01, she became involved at District Level as an Assistant Governor, progressing to District Governor in 2005/06.  Nan then became involved at national level in Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, being a Senior Sergeant-at-Arms and a member, then Chairman of the Constitutions Committee.  In 2013/14 she became the first female President of RIBI.

Apart from Rotary, Nan enjoys reading, knitting, travelling and spending time with friends.




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