Our Vision

Save and Improve 5 Million Lives by 2020

Who we are

Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention, Inc.

Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc. (RFHA) is a global Rotarian Action Group and mobilizing partner of Rotary International dedicated to disease prevention and treatment.  RFHA programs provide free multiple health screens, lifesaving immunizations, education on disease prevention and treatment and referrals for follow-on care that would otherwise not be accessible. RFHA’s direct impact is the strengthening of infrastructure on health care delivery systems worldwide.  

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The International Board of RFHA Inc (Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention - a Rotarian Action Group and custodian of the Rotary Family Health Programme) agreed to the restructuring of the locally registered South African entity, RFHA SA NPC, to have more autonomy in the management of the Rotary Family Health Days Programme.

An Executive Director and three local Directors of each Rotary District in South Africa have been appointed. 
PDG Anton Meerkotter (D9400)
PDG Greg Cryer (D9370)
DG Lynette Stassen (D9350)
Sue Paget  - Executive Director
PDG Sandra McKersey, a long-standing RFHA Inc Board member, will be the RFHA Inc representative on the local entity.

What we do

Serving the people through the Rotary Family Health Days

RFHA's signature program is Rotary Family Health Days, a unique public/private partnership program that is currently in its seventh year of operation. The three-day, integrated annual program provides holistic, comprehensive, preventative health programs (both for communicable and non-communicable diseases.) The program leverages and inspires a massive force of humanitarian-driven volunteers through Rotary clubs in multiple countries in Africa and India.

Rotary Family Health Days program is now entering its 7th year in Africa and 6th year of service in South Africa. 

 The new RFHA SA NPC’s name change is inclusive of all Rotary COSA (SADC) countries in Southern Africa who wish to participate in the RFHD Programme in the future. To enquire about hosting a Health Days email us. 

Strategic Alignment of the Health Days

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